About Environmental Reporting Platform Development Pilot Project

This is a verification project providing a forum for communication that links parties including companies and investors. The project will provide a “ESG Dialogue Platform for Parties including companies and investors”.

*XBRL is an abbreviation of eXtensible Business Reporting Language, a computer language that facilitates operations including efficient comparative analyses and which is widely used in the field of financial reporting. Parties in Japan using XBRL include the Financial Services Agency’s EDINET, The Tokyo Stock Exchange’s TDnet and services for reporting on corporate governance.

This is the world’s first system integrating database functionality with direct dialogue functionality and it aims to create a social economy in which appropriate funds flow to companies involved in sustainable initiatives including activities for the realization of a low-carbon / carbon-free society. The system supports the disclosure of environmental information and dialogue between parties including companies and investors. It will increase the convenience of access to corporate environmental information and provide tools to promote comparisons and analysis as well as rich dialogue on ESG between parties including companies and investors.

Transitioning from “Simple Participation” to “Substantial” approaches: Expanding and Improving ESG dialogue

The Environmental Reporting Platform Development Pilot Project entered the pilot phase in FY 2016 after three years of technical verification.
In FY2018, we implemented one program of support for companies about to commence disclosure of ESG information for the first time, and another aimed at promotion of dialogue by companies already disclosing ESG information with investors. More specifically, the subject of the second program was dialogue of a higher quality that would be better linked to ESG investment.
In FY2019, we are going to continue implementing the program of support for companies attempting their first disclosure of environmental information to investors, along with the dialogue program for companies already disclosing ESG information. The objective of the latter program is development of the existing disclosure into a deeper dialogue with investors that will lead to ESG investment by them.
The 5th Basic Environment Plan, which was passed by Cabinet resolution in April 2018, also calls for the "implementation of measures including the construction of a platform for facilitating dialogue between investors and companies," We are committed to the further expansion, improvement, and development of this project as one of the important policies required in order to address environmental problems at the same time as achieving economic growth.
We would like to ask parties including companies and investors to participate in the project.

Overall Scheduled Plans for the Project

The Past History and Future of the Project

Between FY 2013 and FY 2015, a XBRL database for registering environmental information and dialogue and analysis tools were developed. From FY2016, the year in which the Paris Agreement came into effect, pilot verification of ESG dialogue between companies and investors was carried out with the aim of beginning fully-fledged operations.

The Total Value of ESG Investment in Japan

Japan Sustainable Investment Forum (JSIF), December 27, 2018
2018 Sustainable Investment balance Survey

Expanding the Number of Participants in the Project

As of March 31, 2019


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